Did You Know?

That the Mid-State Association welcomes your ideas, suggestions and input?
We need your ideas to keep making our association grow.

The National Association of REALTORS ® has passed a motion to raise their dues in 2012?
NAR is increasing their dues by $40 to cover the cost of the REALTOR Political Party Initiative. With the change in election laws, corporate dollars are now allowed for donation to political campaign. NAR will be using that money specifically to promote Pro-Realtor Candidates in the state and National Elections.

That the Mid-State Association has over 500 members?
Our membership continues to stay strong. With over 50 members transferring into the Mid-State Association in 2011, we keep seeing our membership rise to record levels.

The Mid-State Association is looking for people interested in serving on its Board of Directors?
If you are interested in helping to make our association the best it can be, and is willing to donate some of your time, then contact the board office for more information

The Mid-State Association is working on putting together a business plan?
If you are interested in helping out on this task, please let us know.

Realtor Rally

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